How it works

EASY! You offer a discount of min. 10% or more to our card holders.

We will promote your services for free to our audience

BaliCard holders will come to you and enjoy the discount

BALICARD Discount Card

Our visitors can purchase the digital discount card for 15, 30 or 60 days, and present the card to our BaliCard partners, to claim a discount at the venue or when joining an activity. To become a partner all you need to do is to offer a discount of min. 10% or more to our BaliCard holders

7 Reasons to become a Partner

More Customers

Attract new clients to boost your sales & revenue

Free Exposure

We will list and promote your business to our visitors, run ads & campaigns. You will not pay for any visibility on our website, only grant a discount to the BaliCard holder.

Boost Your Website Visibility

Get SEO-friendly backlinks from to your website

Stand out

And get a competitive edge over the competition by granting a discount to our BaliCard holders and attract attention & new business

Maintain Direct Customers

Control communication and client’s experience

Diversify Your Sales Channels

Add an additional sales channel to your portfolio, while you control cost of acquisition

Mark of Quality

We handpick our partners and integrate local, sustainable, & culturally relevant activities and businesses

Sign-up as BaliCard Partner

Simple Steps!

1. Sign-up as a partner & decide on Discount / benefit you are willing to give

Choose the discount (10% or more) that you wish to offer to our BaliCard Holders and add some benefits if you wish to. Sign-up is for a duration of 12 months. The discount should be applicable to the Cardholder and 4 accompanying guests (if same bill) Terms & Details

You will define how the customer can get in touch with you to buy your products and services or make a booking. This depends on your business and could be simply Walkin, inquiry via whatsapp or email, discount coupon for online booking etc. 

2. Get listed and receive free marketing exposure

We will showcase your business by creating a beautiful dedicated page and listing on Our BaliCard partners will be promoted throughout all our channels and receive maximum exposure on

3. visitors will purchase the BaliCard

Three options are available with 15, 30 or 60days validity. 

4. Receive New Clients

Receive our guests with the BaliCard & grant the discount upon check-out / payment. Clients will show the digital BaliCard, your employees can check the validity by simply scanning a QR code with any ordinary mobile phone

Basic Terms & Conditions

  • To receive discount, cardholder presents card to your staff
  • Each cardholder can include up to 4 additional persons on the same bill (5 guests in total)
  • Your staff can verify the validity of the digital card by scanning the QR code with any ordinary mobile phone
  • You can restrict the discounts conditions (e.g. Happy Hours, Special Sales, Operating Hours, etc)
  • If denied the discount due to error, we will reimburse the discount to our BaliCard holder and charge it back to you with a 5% payment provider fee
  • The duration of this agreement is 12 months
  • The Partner can adjust the discount and benefits with a notice of 1 month (minimum discount 10%)
  • A contract agreement shall be signed between the partner and

Pick your Discount Card

One card entitles for discounts for up to 5 guests

IDR 350,000

(ca. ∼ 23 USD)

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IDR 600,000

(ca. ∼ 40 USD)

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IDR 950,000

(ca. ∼ 63 USD)

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IDR 1200,000

(ca. ∼80 USD)

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Not coming to Bali soon?

No problem, you can purchase your Discount Card already and select the activation (date of your arrival). Like this you can book our partner villas and hotels in advance. You can choose the activation day within 4 months after your purchase.