Known For

  • Lower temperature than most areas in Bali
  • Mt. Batur Sunrise trekking
  • Affordable lake-front accommodation
  • Campsite
  • Coffee and orange plantation
  • Funky coffee-shops¬†
  • A loyal dog breed
  • Motocross, Jeep and bicycle tour
  • Weekend getaway destination
  • Hot springs

A Refreshing Lake Resort

Kintamani is another local’s favourite destination to spend a holiday with family. The temperature could be five degrees or even lower than other Bali regions, Lake Batur as one of its iconic attractions is 1050 MSL. Most tourists come to Kintamani enjoying the fresh air of mountainous area, sunrise trekking at Mount Batur, camping and do adventurous activities like motocross, rock-climbing or Jeep tour.

Kintamani is a part of Bangli Regency, about one-hour car drive to north from Ubud. Not only has dozens of natural attractions, Kintamani also has several unique cultural destinations nearby. Ulun Danu Batur, Pura Puncak Penulisan and the mysterious island, Trunyan, known for their ancient burial rites. Staying in Kintamani for a couple of days has always been a great idea, to escape the heat and hustle in South Bali.

Kintamani Weather

Kintamani Brief


Kintamani has local warungs as well as some larger restaurants targeted at tourists. A few around Lake Batur specializes in delicious dishes named “Mujaer Nyat-Nyat” made from the fresh fish caught in the lake. These past few years many trendy coffee shops sprung up along Penelokan road, they open early morning serving delicious breakfast menu and excellent local coffee. Youngsters love to spend time in those cafes taking photos with Mount Batur as the background for their Instagram feed.


Kintamani is a nice place to enjoy the views. There is no real nightlife. Most cafes and restaurants are closed by 5-7 pm.


Getting to this area and around it is best done with a driver. The roads are steep, dangerous, and confusing, and there are no taxis or public transportation. Most tourists are coming using a car rental with driver on Friday and being picked up on Sunday. Some hotels and local group of taxis usually offer five to ten hours rental with driver to explore the area.


Most of the accommodation in Kintamani are centred near Lake Batur, dominated by mid-range hotels, cottages and bungalows managed by Balinese families. Wood cabins and camping sites can be found at sunrise spots like Pinggan Village and Penelokan.


The main sights in Kintamani are Mount Batur, an active volcanic peak and Lake Batur, which is in a nearby valley. The lake is also the home of Pura Ulun Danau Batur, an important temple for the Balinese that can make for an interesting visit. Pinggan village is very popular among hiking and camping enthusiasts; they stay for the night to witness a very scenic view of sunrise over local villages below the camping site.


The main and most popular activity in Kintamani is climbing Mount Batur, which involves a two to three-hour sunrise hike with a guide. Cycling tours also operate here, some of which go downhill from Kintamani to Ubud. Visitors can also rent canoes and other watercraft and go out on Lake Batur.

Culture and History

Kintamani is a place that development has not affected very strongly. Most of it is still very remote and rural. Pura Ulun Danu Batur is considered as one of the directional temples in Bali. Balinese dedicated this temple to one of the Visnu God manifestation Dewi Danu, the goddess all the lakes in Bali. Originally, this temple was located at the south-western slope of Mount Batur, due to a massive eruption in 1917, it is moved to the current location. If you wish to discover something more unique from Bali culture, you can hire a traditional boat/ jukung to go across Lake Batur and headed to Trunyan Village. Many videos and posts have gone virals on the internet regarding this mysterious part of Bali; the locals living in this area don’t bury or cremate their family when they passed away. The bodies are laid-down under big trees and covered only with woven bamboo. The big trees and coffees scattered around the corpses are surprisingly able to absorb the unpleasant smells.