Known For

  • A quiet area in Bali
  • Dolphin sights
  • Snorkelling and diving
  • A weekend getaway destination

A Peaceful Fishermen Village in North Coast of Bali

Lovina is part of the Singaraja district in the Buleleng Regency. It is about a 3-hour drive from the airport. Most of the divers going to Pemuteran at the North-west will stop by for one or two days in Lovina. There are only a few activities that can be done in Lovina such as snorkelling, diving, and dolphin watching. Boats go out in the morning from the harbour to take visitors on dolphin sighting tours, which are quite popular. Snorkelling and diving can be quite good in the Lovina area but are better in Pemuteran, where a coral revitalization project has been successfully done.

Accommodation and facilities are still basic in Lovina, but that’s what makes it attractive. Everything is pretty much centred near the beach, while amusement parks and other attractions are located closer to Singaraja city.

Lovina Brief


The beach at Lovina is a thin line of black sand, which can be accessed by small roads and alleys or from beachfront hotels. As Lovina is in a sheltered cove, it is very safe for swimming, and there are rarely any waves or currents. In some areas, snorkelling and diving can be done right off the beach. The many local jukung (outrigger canoes) at Lovina add to its scenic beauty. The busier nature of the area also means, however, that the beach can be quite dirty at times.


Many good restaurants are serving local and international dishes. Kalibukbuk is the hub for finding affordable Balinese and Western food as well as delicious grilled seafood.


The nightlife in Lovina is mostly found on the beach where people gather for sunset drinks. The main street in Kalibukbuk has several bars with live music.


Lovina can be hard to get to and requires some heavy driving, so it is best to come with a driver. Motorcycles can be rented for getting around once you are there—most of the tourists coming on Friday and picked up on Sunday afternoon.


Affordable and stylish accommodations are available in the area. Some villas offer tranquillity and are a few minutes’ drive to the beach.


Dolphin watching is the most favourite sightseeing in Lovina, although the dolphins might not be the ones enjoying it the most. The best Lovina beaches are in the Kalibukbuk region. A large number of boats and yachts create a scenic view from the black sand beach. The Git Git Waterfall lies 10 km south of Singaraja – it’s is a gem you do not want to miss.


Most visitors come to Lovina for watching the dolphins. Snorkelling and diving are also typical fun things to do in Lovina. The Air Banjar hot spring is famous for its lush green setting. Get there early, and you will have a relaxing pool of hot spring water completely to yourself.

Culture / History

Lovina consists of several villages merged into one area. In 1950 a royal member of the Buleleng Kingdom built a resort which he named Lovina near the beach. It was the first time the area was introduced as a tourist spot.