Covid-19 Update: Bali’s Recovery Rate Keeps Increasing!

28 October 2020

Indonesia is progressing on handling Covid-19 pandemic in the last few weeks. The National Task Force has reported significant developments for the better in recovery rates in several regions. The head of experts team for Indonesia Covid-19 task force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito informed the recovery rate per 27 October is 81.3% from the total number of infections in the country or as much as 322,248 people. Meanwhile, the world recovery rates is 73.49%. “The world’s recovery rates lately tend to decrease. While in Indonesia, the percentage tends to increase. This is a good progress that must be maintained so that the recovery rate keeps increasing and hopefully no more fatalities,” said Wiku during an online press conference on official BNPB YouTube channel, Tuesday 27 October 2020.

New cases per yesterday was 3520, with total active cases 60.685 or 16.4%, while the current world active cases at 23.84%. It makes the percentage of active cases in Indonesia is about 7% lower than the world average. However, the current total number of deaths in Indonesia was 13,512 cases or 3.4% slightly higher compared to the world average of death rate at 2.65%. So, there are still a lot of things to do to lower the fatalities rate in the country.

Still, according to Wiku, there are five regions with the highest percentage of recovery. Gorontalo achieved the first position with 94.47% recovery. Meanwhile, Bali is in the second place, with 89.8%, followed by South Kalimantan 89.5% in the third place. In the fourth position is East Java with 88.16% and North Maluku, at 88.12%.

Back to Bali, After all of the nine regencies on the island were categorized as orange zones, finally, Buleleng is marked as yellow zone now. Per 27 October 2020, Bali recorded only 65 new daily confirmed cases, with 11.520 total cases; 378 deaths in total, 10.361 recoveries and 781 active cases. 

Earlier this week, the Director-General of Regional Administration in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr Safrizal ZA left a message to all of the entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality industries to keep on promoting #safetravel protocols to increase the confidence of tourists to travel amid this coronavirus pandemic. “International tourists are very depending on the level of trust for the safety, the more discipline we follow the regulations, the more trust we shall earn. Including to progressing more green zones” said Safrizal.

Eventually, today is the beginning of a long holiday in Indonesia; many domestic travellers are expected to come to the island from 28 October to 1 November 2020. Bali provincial government are very optimistic that this momentum will be a good start for a new kind of travel during the new normal and everyone is advised to follow the health protocols. All of the hotels, restaurants and tourists attractions must own a health protocol certificate to be able to re-operate again.

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