Still, PPKM Level 4 (Partial Lockdown) in Bali until 30 August 2021

24 August 2021

People in Bali and most regions in Indonesia were expecting good news regarding the implementation of Partial Lockdown, so-called PPKM Level 4. The latest extension (the fifth) of this social restriction was finished yesterday, 23 August 2021. 

Though situations have gotten much better for the last two weeks, which can be seen through the significant decrease in daily cases and bed occupancy rates (BOR) of most hospitals in Bali. The central government still decided to categorise Bali as the Level-4 area along with Yogyakarta, Malang and Solo.

“The agglomeration areas like Bali, Malang, Solo, and Yogyakarta are still at level 4, but we expect them to drop to Level 3 in the next few weeks,” said Luhut in an online press conference on Monday night, 23 August 2021. All measurements remain the same as the previous extension.

Most regions classified as level 4 have now decreased their status to level 3 due to improvements in mitigating the spread of Covid-19. There were 67 regencies, and cities are now categorised as Level 3. The government also lowered the PPKM status of 10 regions from level 3 to level 2.

Per 24 August 2021 (12:00 WIB), Bali has given the first jab of Covid-19 vaccines to 3,405,130 people, and 1,639,658 were fully vaccinated. More than 92% of the targeted population in Bali (ca. 3.4 million people) have received their first shot, and more than 48% have received their second jab. Leaving only about 268,131 people to receive their first immunisation. Bali authority predicts to have all of its targeted population fully vaccinated by the end of October 2021.

Latest Covid-19 statistics per Monday (23/8), 434 new infections in Bali, made total cases 102.574. Recent recoveries at 1012, in total 90.579 with 66 recent deaths were reported, in total 3181. While in Indonesia, there were 9.604 new cases, pushing down the total infections to 3.989.060 with 127.214 total deaths and 3.571.082 recoveries.

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