14 June 2021

President Jokowi officially opened Indonesia’s longest-running art festival, 43rd Bali Arts Festival virtually, last Saturday (12/06/2021).

“The holding of the 43rd Bali Arts Festival is proof that under the pressure of the very heavy pandemic, the creativity and productivity of the Balinese people continue to grow and find new ways to continue to color the world art scene,” said Jokowi in his remarks.

Around 10.000 artists from across the island will be performing, showcasing traditional arts and culture from eight regencies and one city in Bali during this month-long festival.

Unlike the previous years, this year’s festival will be implemented offline and offline so people from around the globe can also still enjoy it virtually, albeit the pandemic.

This year, the festival carries the theme “Purna Jiwa – Prananing  Wana Kerthi” which means that the complete soul is the breath of the tree of life.

“I also appreciate the choice of themes which invite the breeding of flora and fauna and all biodiversity, to spread the spirit of conservation and to live in harmony with nature to heal civilization from the pandemic. “said the president.

In addition, the Head of State also stressed that this festival will be a great opportunity to show the world that Bali is a very safe tourist destination to visit.

The art of the festival is the Bali Arts Center in Denpasar, where traditional Balinese art performances will be held every day until July 10.


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