ZIN Indonesia rides green with Swap Energi Indonesia and Smoot Smart Electric Motorcycle for a cleaner Bali.

Jan 15th 2022

ZIN CANGGU & ZIN BERAWA – Swap Energi Indonesia battery swapping stations and official Electric Vehicle re-seller and rental centre

In line with the ZIN core philosophy of environmental and social responsibility, ZIN Indonesia has fully committed to support the National Bali Go Green program, which is stipulated specifically in Pergub no. 48 year 2019 and Pergub no. 45 year 2019, by launching the ZIN Rides Green campaign. This is a key initiative to promote and provide Smoot Smart Electric Motorcycles and the SWAP batteries in Bali and act as the official Electric Vehicle re seller and rental centre. This first step, which is in fact a giant leap for Bali, is part of ZIN’s broader campaign – ZIN goes GREEN to eventually become a carbon neutral company.

ZIN Canggu and ZIN Berawa have joined in partnership with Swap Energi Indonesia to provide Swap Battery Stations and as the official Electric Vehicle re seller and rental centre for clean and emission-free transportation in Bali.

What makes Swap Energi Indonesia so unique and so effective, is that instead of the long and sometimes frustrating waiting times needed to recharge an electric vehicle battery, Swap Energi Indonesia incorporates a quick battery swapping system for a fast and instant power recharge – 9 seconds only to easily swap the battery. Never need to wait.

With hundreds of swapping stations (SWAP Poin) available in Jakarta – Bali is next. Currently all Circle-K outlets at Bali will be equipped with SWAP Poin. To support this green movement, ZIN provides Swap Poin at their Canggu and Berawa hotels. To further their commitment, all new ZIN Hotels in the future will also provide SWAP Poin – including the forthcoming ZIN Ubud and new ZIN Canggu location.

Smoot Smart Electric Motorcycle adopts swappable batteries provided by Swap Energi Indonesia.

The SMOOT Smart Electric Motorcycle is a highly advanced electric motorcycle, with a hub 1.5kW of power and a top speed of 60-70km/h – who needs to go any faster than that on this island. The swappable battery has a capacity of 64V 22.5Ah, which equals to about 1.44kWh. With tubeless tyres, front and rear disk brakes and a cool contemporary look, this is a seamless integration of great design and function that allows for stylish and hassle free travel.
The Smoot Electric Motorcycle is also priced very affordable as it is a pay-as-you-go system and riders only pay for the distance travelled. The Smoot Motorcycles can be purchased at ZIN or other channels.
At the forefront of modern electric transport, SMOOT MOTOR is also connected with the SWAP app, which allows riders to locate a nearest SWAP station and use the Battery booking (a booking system that reserves a fully charged battery for 15 mins, ensuring that upon arrival at the Swap Poin, a battery is ready for instant change). With the SWAP app users can also top up or buy mileage with the cashless payment system, locate the electric motorcycle, view the distance travelled history, and engage the anti-theft system lock for maximum security.
Fully committed, ZIN is soon to be taking delivery on their very own first order of SMOOT MOTOR units. ZIN hotel offers guests Smoot Smart Electric motorcycle as a green travel option, which provides an affordable, easy and economical way to move around Bali. The vision is that in the short future all ZIN Hotels staff and guest transport is clean and electric, and indeed then every guest in every hotel in Bali.

With over 112 million motorcycles currently being used in Indonesia, ZIN is supporting this new energy efficient measure to l reduce pollution and improve air quality for the health benefit of all.
We kindly invite you to join together with us in protecting this beautiful island we are all part of, for a green, clean and sustainable Bali.