Amed & Tulamben is known for…

  • Beautiful Snorkel and Dive Spots
  • Traditional Salt Farming
  • Community of Yoga and Diving from France, Germany and other European Countries
  • Beaches and viewpoints with a nice sunrise view and Mount Agung
  • A Weekend Getaway Destination

How is Amed & Tulamben in general?

Amed is a diver’s paradise to descend into the underwater world

Amed is a perfect example of a secluded and natural part of Bali. It has large stretches of black sand beaches, which are rarely visited by tourists due to how far and remote it is from the more popular areas. It will take about a three-hour drive to get to Amed from the south. Visitors who come up to this place are mainly divers and those looking for a tranquil place to de-stress.

It’s best to stay in Amed as a general area to stay if you’re looking to explore Tulamben, though it’s just a short drive away. The Amed area offers a very diverse landscape of sandy and rocky beaches and mountains in the background with a close-knit community in between. The journey moving up to Amed follows small winding roads to the famous hilltop vantage point at Jemeluk Bay. This is a must-visit spot at this destination; many cafes and restaurants are normally packed with guests during golden hour.

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