Amed and Tulamben is known for…

  • Beautiful Snorkel and Dive Spots
  • Traditional Salt Farming
  • Community of Yoga and Diving from France, Germany and other European Countries
  • Beaches and viewpoints with a nice sunrise view and Mount Agung
  • A Weekend Getaway Destination

How is Amed and Tulamben in general?

A Traditional Salt Farmers Village with Amazing Dive Sites

Amed is a perfect example of secluded and natural part of Bali. It has large stretches of black sand beaches, which are rarely visited by tourists. You will need about three-hours drive to get here from most of the areas at the South. Visitors are mainly divers and those looking for a quiet and peaceful place to relax. The area offers a very diverse landscape, and mountains rise steeply from sandy and rocky beaches, moving up through small winding roads to the famous sunrise and sunset point at Jemeluk bay. This viewpoint is a must-visit destination in the area; many cafes and restaurants are normally packed with guests during sunset hours.

Only about 30 minutes away to the north, there is Tulamben. Serious divers can take a day trip north to Tulamben, where the American USS Liberty’s famous wreck can be seen. Simultaneously, snorkelers can seek out a secret Japanese shipwreck that can be found nearer to the beach, better ask local for the accurate location. The wreck is a top place for a snorkel, as it is close to shore, full of marine life, and not very deep.

Amed and Tulamben – Must Know Insights

Amed and Tulamben - Where to stay

There is often no real definite border between the different tourism destinations in Bali (such as Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Legian etc) because even though these areas are based on real locations and villages, usually now locals and tourists refer to a larger area. Seminyak is somewhat located between Legian (north of Jalan Nakula) and Canggu (Berawa). Petitenget, which is somewhat regarded as part of Seminyak, is becoming more and more a destination in its own right.
If you want to stay at or near the beach, you usually have to book a 4*+ accommodation. Otherwise the hotels, guest-houses and villas are mostly located within a range of a 10min walk to the beach. Therefore it’s important to understand how to get around in Seminyak. If you are able to rent a scooter, that would provide you with the best flexibility. 
The heart of Seminyak is somewhat the area between the streets Jl Camplung Tanduk and Jl. Kayu Aya and further up north Jl. Petitenget, where many restaurants, clubs, shops, and bars are located.


The coast at Amed is mostly rocky cobblestone beaches, which gives the area a very different look from the rest of Bali. This may not be Bali’s most beautiful beaches, but it is one of the most peaceful. The water here is always gentle and usually free of currents, and the snorkelling directly offshore is terrific, with fish everywhere you look.


Upscale eateries have popped up in Amed. These restaurants serve mostly western food and a few choices of authentic local cuisine. A more affordable alternative is a family-owned business with delicious home-cooked style food.


Live music performance by local bands is typical entertainment in Amed. It gets quiet at night with only a few bars serving cold beers and cocktails.


Amed has a fish market where fishers go to bring their catch in the morning. People come to Amed mainly for its diving sites. Some visitors use Amed as a starting point to visit Tulamben and dive to see the shipwreck of the USS Liberty.


Amed and Tulamben can be hard to get to and require heavy driving, so it is best to come with a driver. Motorcycles can be rented for getting around once you are there—most of the tourists coming on Friday and picked up on Sunday afternoon by a car. But if you are an adventurous traveller, going on a long scooter ride can be a great trip. The view of Abang area in Karangasem is very beautiful, with wild monkeys swinging around from one tree to another.


Amed region is well known for its traditional salt productions. It was not until recently that electricity became available in Amed. It has slowly turned into a tourist diving destination.


Diving in the morning is the best activity to do in Amed. The Japanese shipwreck in Lipah has become the shelter of beautiful plate corals and fluorescent gorgonians. The shipwreck of USS Liberty is also a popular underwater attraction as it is interesting for the beginner and the pro diver. For beautiful underwater photography, Jemeluk is a nearby diving site with wonderful marine life. Wander around the village on foot or by motorcycle. Alternatively, you can take a trip to Lombok; a 40 mins hop from Amed to Gili by fast boat.


Almost all of the hotels here are smaller places by the beach, making it possible to walk out of your room, direct access to the beach. From guesthouses to cottages, Amed serves mostly European tourists with decent private fan-cooled rooms. More mid-range bungalows with air-conditioned rooms and swimming pools have recently popped up to accommodate tourists who prefer a higher level of comfort. Amed is an alternative place to stay instead of Tulamben, as it’s just a short drive away.

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