The Gilis are known for…

    • Clear blue waters
    • No cars & motor bikes
    • Clear blue waters
    • Great Diving & Snorkeling
    • White sandy beaches
    • Full moon party
    • Backpacker-friendly

What to expect in the Gili Islands?

Three small islands for three kinds of experiences

The Gilis, meaning small islands in the local dialect, have long been a well known escape for remote living, party going, and honeymooning travelers. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air have drawn in backpackers looking to island hop around Indonesia since the 80s. Despite limited resources being brought in by boat each time, the Gilis truly reflect what one might expect when visiting a tropical island. Getting stranded in the Gilis for a few days doesn’t sound so bad being surrounded by crystal blue waters, pristine white sand.

The 3 Gili Islands

Gili Ocean

Gili Air

Closest Gili island off the coast of Lombok for honeymooners and families looking to get away to paradise.

gili meno island

Gili Meno

Smallest and quietest island for travelers looking to escape into remote living and disconnect in nature.

gili t swing

Gili Trawangan

The biggest Gili island with a large backpacker’s party scene since the ’70s known mainly for its full moon parties.


Gili Island Map