Extra Cost for Travelling to Bali – Indonesia during Covid-19 Pandemic

10 February 2021

Travelling during this pandemic is not recommended. However, due to urgent reasons and assuming you are eligible to visit Bali-Indonesia, then it is the extra cost you need to consider before booking a flight. 


First, you need to check if you are eligible to enter Indonesia. The exceptions are made for (Per 9 February 2021):

  1. The holders of Official Visa
  2. The holders of Diplomatic Visa
  3. The holders of Visitor’s Visa
  4. The holders of Temporary Residence Visa (VITAS)
  5. The holders of Official Residence Permit
  6. The holders of Diplomatic Residence Permit
  7. The holders of Temporary Residence Permit (ITAS)
  8. The holders of Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP)
  9. Active crew members (registered)
  10. The holders of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)
  11. Border crossers (Dwellers)
  12. Residents of countries that Indonesia already has a bilateral agreement on Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA)
  13. The holders of approval letter from competent authorities

There’s a chance for you to get a Visitor’s Visa or Single Entry Business e-VISA B211A that you can apply by yourself on the official immigration website https://www.imigrasi.go.id/ or get a help from a visa agent. The cost of visa handing by an agent may vary from five to eight million rupiah.

But due to the outbreaks of new mutations, travel ban for visitors from the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Italy and Denmark most likely be extended.

There is no clear information when Visa on Arrival will be available again in the future.

Covid-19 Test

Second, the Covid-19 test. Most regions In Indonesia demanded negative result of Covid-19 test with PCR Swab or Rapid Antigen method. The cost for PCR Swab is between IDR 800.000 to 1.200.000 while Rapid Antigen is cheaper between IDR 170.000 to 400.000. Before you fly to Indonesia, you will need to have a test in your country. After landed in Jakarta, you will be tested again and also five days later before leaving quarantine you are obligated to take another test. 


Third, while waiting for the swab test result, you will need to go on a quarantine session in selected accommodation in Jakarta. There is NO DIRECT FLIGHT to Bali during the PPKM and international travel restriction phase; all international flights must go through CGK (Soekarno Hatta Airport). The average price of selected hotels for quarantine is ranging from IDR 1.000.000 – 2.000.000/ night. Some accommodation has come up with special offer “quarantine package” which included airport transfer, twice Covid-19 test and room.

Appointed Hotels for Foreign Nationals Quarantine in Jakarta

  1. Grand Mercure Kemayoran, IDR 1.350.000/ night*
  2. Grand Mercure Harmoni, IDR 1.100.000/ night*
  3. JS Luwansa, IDR 1.600.000/ night*

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice

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Fourth, after five days of quarantine, and if your result comes back negative, then you are allowed to continue your trip to Bali or other destinations in Indonesia. But if your result is positive, then you will be sent to the hospital in Jakarta. These are the average price for each treatment you could spend at the hospital:

  • ICU room with ventilator: IDR 15.5 million per day.
  • Isolation room without a ventilator: IDR 12 million per day
  • Negative pressure isolation room with ventilator: IDR 10.5 million per day
  • Negative pressure isolation room without ventilator: IDR 7.5 million per day
  • Non-negative pressure isolation room with ventilator: IDR 10.5 million per day
  • Non-negative pressure isolation room without ventilator: IDR 7.5 million per day

So the minimum total estimation for extra cost you need to prepare before coming to Bali is about IDR 11-15 million including visa, covid test, and accommodation during the quarantine. Excluding your plane tickets, medical expenditure in case you need to be treated in hospital and personal expenses.

We suggest everyone get travel insurance to avoid spending a huge amount of money for the hospital treatment. Do yourself a little research for the best insurance covering Covid-19 diseases abroad.

Booking details from one of the appointed hotels for Foreign Nationals quarantine in Jakarta

Hotel Covid-19 Quarantine Package in Jakarta - Indonesia

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