New Surge of National Covid-19 Cases, Java – Bali Social Restriction Applied Soon

7 January 2020 

Indonesia recorded a new record for the highest Covid-19 daily cases on Wednesday (6/1). There were 8,854 people reported to be infected, which push the total number 788.402 nationwide. The fatality rate was also increasing, 187 deaths and the cumulative death toll reached 23,296 people (three percent).

The central government needs to make another serious steps to anticipate a worse situation that might occur in the future. Social restrictions and limiting public activities are still seen as an effective option to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto informed that another regulation on public activities, especially in Java-Bali, would soon be enforced from 11 to 25 January 2020.

This new regulation will affect some of the community activities in Bali and Java island:

  1. Offices will still be allowed to operate at 25% capacity, 75% will have to work from home
  2. Classes at schools must be delivered online (Daring)
  3. Operational hours of shopping malls most likely will be limited up to 19:00
  4. Grocery stores are allowed to operate normally but with strict capacity limitation
  5. Dine-in at restaurants or cafes are permitted with a maximum 25% capacity
  6. Construction works are allowed with strict health protocols
  7. Places of worship (mosques, churches, temples) are limited to 50% capacity
  8. Public facilities and social/ cultural activities are temporarily suspended
  9. Capacity and operating hours of public transportation will be determined accordingly

Responding to the new Central Government Regulation, Bali Governor Wayan Koster also issued a new circular letter (6/1). Important points on SE No. 1 Year 2020 is travel requirements to Bali using air transportation; passengers can choose between Swabtest PCR or Rapid Test Antigen. This regulation valid from 9 January until further notice.

The new Health Minister, Budi Gunadi Sadikin explained to the media that government intended to start the vaccination program on 13 January, with President Joko Widodo set to be the first in line. Vaccinations in other regions will follow on the nest two days.

According to Mr Sadikin, even though the vaccination will be started soon, it does not mean that Covid-19 will pass shortly from the country and the world. It is a far journey for Indonesia to be able to achieve the herd immunity. Therefore, everyone must be disciplined in implementing health protocols.

The latest figure of Covid-19 Per Wednesday (6/1), there were 191 new infections in Bali, which make total cases on the island 18.606. New recoveries at 155, in total 16.835 with seven recent death was reported, in total 547. While in Indonesia, there were 8.854 of new cases which make total cases in the country 788.402. Recent recoveries at 6.767, in total 652.513. New deaths at 187, and in total 23.296.

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