Nyepi 2021 – Balinese New Year Amid Global Pandemic

12 March 2021

Nyepi or Silence day is the most important religious event in Bali, which also marks a new beginning in the Balinese calendar system. Unlike many cultures worldwide, which commonly celebrates the new year with parties, celebrations and a lot of fireworks. Balinese prefer to spend the whole day for deep meditation, fasting and sending prayers to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa

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All Hindus are not allowed to turn on the fire or electricity, no working, no travelling, and no self-entertainment. Offices, public facilities, and even the airport will stop operating during this special day. Except essential services like hospitals are still allowed to function normally.

If you happen to be in Bali during the Nyepi day, we promise it’ll be an amazing experience that you should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. The night before silence day, many locals and thousands of tourists will gather on the streets waiting for an Ogoh-Ogoh Parade carried by Balinese groups from nearby villages. However, since last year the local government decided to cancel the parade due to the pandemic situation, and the same regulation still applied this year. 

Non-Hindus are also obligated to follow the local customs by staying in the house, villa or hotel area. Most of the hotels and villas will only receive limited guests as they are only operating on the ground floor to avoid distraction may be caused by the guest when they are turning on the light at night. Staying in hotels and villas may allow you to have access to electricity and the internet; however, it is strongly advised that all guests must respect the local customs and beliefs. Don’t forget to draw the blinds when turning on the lights and wear a headset when listening to music. Bali people have been very kind to share their most magical and sacred holiday with others; let’s not ruin it by doing something against their belief and local customs. 

Things you must know about Nyepi 2021 – Saka 1943

  1. Mobile data (internet), TV-cable and radio broadcast will be cut-off in Bali from Sunday (14/2) at 06.00 am until Monday (15/2) at 06.00 am. Wifi operates normally.
  2. All transportation services (land, sea, and air) are not permitted to operate.
  3. All immigration offices in Bali, Ngurah Rai, Denpasar and Singaraja will be closed from Thursday, 11 March 2021, until Tuesday, 16 March 2021. 
  4. Micro-scale social restriction (PPKM) is extended to 22 March 2021. Even after Nyepi is over, people in Bali are still advised to stay at home. All businesses are only allowed to operate until 22:00; 50% of office workers must work from home, restaurants, and temples only receive 50% of total capacity. These regulations are managed on the latest Bali Governor Circular Letter No. 6 Year 2021, valid from 9 – 22 March 2021.
  5. ATM in most Bali regions will stop operating at 10:00 pm, Saturday (13/3), but some will be out-of-service earlier at 02:00 pm. All machines will gradually back online By 08:00 am, Monday (15/3).
  6. Bali Mandara Toll Road will close its operations for 32 hours; it starts on Saturday (13/3) at 11.00 pm until Monday (15/3) at 07.00 am. Only ambulances allowed to access this highway.

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