Visa on Arrival (VoA) Extension

Do it yourself or working with an Agent

You are not obliged to work with an agent, and you can go yourself to the Kantor Immigrasi, located between Jimbaran and Nusa Dua, south of the Airport DPS. But, you would have to go there to apply, then to get the photo and the fingerprints done, then again to pick it up. Each trip costs time and money and could be a source of error in the application process if you are not sure what you need to do.

This is why we advise tourists to assign a trustworthy agent. For an additional cost of USD 30-45, they will handle the entire process for you. Most pick up and drop your passport to your hotel and villa again. You only need to show up once, at the immigration office, to take the picture and give fingerprints.

Process to Get Visa on Arrival Extension

  • start the process at least two weeks before your current Visa on Arrival expires
  • meet the agent and hand over your passport, or get it picked up
  • pay the immigration and service fee of IDR 800,000 + IDR 350,000 (service fee may vary)
  • meet the agent at the office and process the visa extension by the officers taking a digital picture of you, and take your fingerprints (the agent will be there to assist), usually takes 2-3h including waiting time. 
  • The passport will be delivered a few days later back to you; once the immigration officers have processed the extension.

This one is pretty easy if you take an agent, straight forward and usually withoout any problems or questions asked. The extension will allow you to stay another 30 days without you having to leave the country (Total 60 days).

It’s advised to initiate the process at least 7-10 working days before your Visa on Arrival runs out. In case it’s more on short notice the agent could ask for an express service, which would come with a surcharge.

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