Known For

  • Urban culture/ city life
  • Museums
  • Shopping destination
  • Local culinary
  • Cinemas & Karaoke Places
  • Temples & historical landmarks

A modern city in Bali

Denpasar has functioned as the business and political centre of Bali since the end of the 18th Century. The city is filled with many important historical monuments and landmarks. The administrative buildings, banks, hotels and public places were built in beautiful traditional architecture designs. The main streets in Denpasar are very well maintained, cleaned and has a special path for pedestrians and bicycles. Walking around in Denpasar can be a fun activity. The lines of big trees by the side of the roads give a comfortable on a hot sunny day while you are going on a city tour. Big stores selling electronic products, boutiques and malls are easily spotted in main roads of Denpasar. Food carts selling varies of unique traditional foods are commonly found near fresh markets and public schools, while nicer restaurants are mostly operating in malls or near Renon square. 

Denpasar Brief

Denpasar has a wide variety of hotels, but many are aimed at local business travellers and have only basic rooms and facilities. Recently, some larger hotels have opened that offer restaurants, swimming pools, and many modern amenities. Most international visitors stay outside Denpasar and visit for a day tour.

The best Indonesian food in Bali is in Denpasar, particularly in the warungs around Jalan Teuku Umar and Renon, where styles from across Indonesia can be enjoyed at affordable prices. There are also many more upscale modern restaurants, as well as some international and Asian fast-food chains.

Denpasar is a place to do business, shop, or eat. There are many entertainment options, most of which cater to local crowds, and feature local bands, karaoke, and, often, “hostesses.”
Several cinemas playing Hollywood movies can be found inside malls. Check-out their VIP theatre for a better experience with bigger adjustable-couch and a blanket, for a relatively low price.

Bali government has started an eco-friendly public transportation recently; the electric buses are spotted hitting a few main roads in Sanur, Kuta, Denpasar and Gianyar in every 30 minutes. Online taxi and scooter taxi like GoJek and Grab are on the loose in Denpasar.

Still, if you want to have a smooth experience for your holiday, hiring a car rental with a driver is the perfect choice. Renting a scooter from a rental, also a great idea; but only if you have an experience to ride two-wheelers.

A tragic historical event occurred in 1906 when The Dutch massacre thousands of people, including the royal family and the court, as they refused to surrender and rather fought to death. This event was called “Perang Puputan”. Here is a monument called Puputan Margarana built to honour all the ancestors who have bravely fought to the death to defend their territory and also a point zero landmark.

Denpasar is famous as a place to eat and shop for local goods. Visitors to Denpasar will likely spend their time sight-seeing, eating, or shopping. Constant heavy traffic means that it is only possible to do any outdoor activities in the city’s parks, which are very busy at all times of day.

Pasar Badung is Bali’s biggest market. It is full of non-stop action and mostly sells fish, produce, and meat. The streets around the market are places where textiles are sold by Chinese and Indian traders who have kept the same shops for decades. There is also some trade in exotic animals. Denpasar has several interesting cultural museums, as well as several notable monuments. Puputan square holds a memorial to the Balinese struggle against the Dutch, in which many Balinese people were killed. There is also a large and pleasant park and monument in Renon. Denpasar is home to many busy Hindu temples, where there are often ceremonies being held.