Corona Update: Bali Government Imposes Another Social Restriction

18 September, 2020

The global pandemic Covid-19 seems to get hard to control the last few weeks in Bali and Indonesia. High rates of daily new infections, fatalities and hospital bed shortages have been reported recently. The government of Bali have no other choice but to impose another social restriction on the island.

The authority has released another circular letter with number 487/GugasCovid19/IX/2020 on 17 September 2020, and it is applied starts from today, 18 September 2020. The new regulations will affect several aspects of the new-normal protocols which have been issued last July. Here, things you should know about the new Covid-19 rules in Bali:

  1. The maximum number of workers allowed to attend office or any business in Bali will be limited to 25% per operational. If you are an employer or business owner, you are advised to manage the working schedule/ shift of your employees more efficiently and if possible work from home. This regulation applies to both government and private companies.
  2. Students are back learning from home. All activities at school will be cancelled, and the e-learning system will be applied.
  3. All religious activities are practised at home.
  4. Tourists attractions, markets and restaurants are supposed to let the visitors in with a maximum 50% of its capacity. Also compulsory to provide washing hand facility or hand sanitizer for all the visitors, and remind the guests always to wear a mask and keep a safe distance from others.
  5. For those tested positive or reactive to Covid-19 but without showing any symptoms (OTG) will be sent to a quarantine place prepared by the authority. Several hotels have been temporarily appointed to become extended isolation area for the Coronavirus patients.
  6. Tests and social-tracing will be applied more intensively to anywhere on the island; especially to those who have a contact history with the Covid-19 patients.
  7. All villages on the island are expected to be regularly checked by the authority Polisi Pamong Praja to punish violators who don’t wear a mask in public area with 100,000 IDR penalty. Remember always to wear a mask, even though you’re only going to warung next to your house. 
  8. Everyone is advised to stay at home more, except for urgent reasons.

Sadly, some public attractions like Bali Botanical Park also beach in Sanur and Canggu area were spotted packed with tourists and locals during Manis Galungan, yesterday. This is a bit ironic since Bali recorded 63 new cases yesterday, which pushed up the total cases to 7492; 194 deaths in total, 5979 recoveries and 1319 active cases. While Indonesia has 232,628 cases and 9,222 fatalities.

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