Denpasar Imposes a Social Restriction (PKM) to Curb Covid-19

14 May, 2020

As the number of Covid-19 infections keeps increasing in Denpasar, Bali’s government has come up with a plan to impose a social restriction on community activities (PKM – Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat). The mayor of Denpasar City, IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra has signed this regulation on Wednesday, 13 May 2020; and to be expected active on Friday, 15 May 2020.
This regulation aims to:
  1. Limit people’s daily activities and mobilization. Only those with clear purposes and carry documents required allowed to enter Denpasar. The documents required are: ID card (KTP) and statement letter from an employer/ business letter/ local village authorities)
  2. Make use of facemask mandatory in public,
  3. Tighten security at all of the city’s entry spots by setting up checkpoints to conduct random COVID-19 rapid tests
  4. Enforce policies on physical distancing and maintain environmental hygiene by regularly conduct disinfectant-spray
Though all of these protocols are mostly have been practiced over the past two months on the island, these new restrictions are officially stipulated in Denpasar mayoral regulation and comes with penalties or sanctions. The penalties and sanctions vary from oral/ written warning, temporary business closure, revocation of business license, purchase of masks for public use and customary penalties.
Denpasar city administration decided to impose community activity restrictions rather than the generally favored large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) because the local government are expecting the local economy keeps running well. “Under the PKM, people don’t have to close their businesses. All economic activity keeps running with several conditions imposed,” said Dewa Gede Rai the spokesperson of Bali’s COVID-19 task force.
Restrictions on community activities (PKM) allows businesses, like warung (small shops), restaurants, malls, traditional markets and grocery stores to operate normally. However, they are expected to strictly implement health protocols and adjust the operational hours as suggested by each Banjar.
There are at least eleven checkpoints have been prepared across Denpasar:
  1. Umanyar-Ubung
  2. Ahmad Yani Selatan St.
  3. Mahendradata St. on Gunung Salak traffic light
  4. Four-faced statue
  5. Imam Bonjol St. on Pulau Galang traffic light
  6. Biaung; Prof Ida Bagus Mantra St.
  7. Mina, Antasura St.
  8. Penatih, Trengguli St.
  9. Tohpati, Tohpati traffic light
  10. Diponegoro, Sesetan exhibition centre
  11. Gatot Subroto St.
Foreign tourists and expatriates reside in Denpasar are expected to report to local Banjar or contact accommodations’ manager/ owner. This way, you can get further information and statement letter (if needed) so that you can mobilize normally in Denpasar during this restriction applies until 14 June 2020. In the future, the local government will evaluate this regulation in case need to be extended to another phase.

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