Bali is Unique

These are our 21 top reasons why Bali is worth a visit – or two, or three, or more. A large number of visitors coming to Bali are repeaters, enjoying the ever-increasing variety of things to do and to explore. At the same time – to the surprise of many – most of Bali changes little and preserves a very laid back, authentic and rural lifestyle. 

Enjoy Bali

1. Unbelievably wide range of beautifully designed hotels, resorts and villas

2. Endless Summer – great tropical weather all year around

3. Incredibly friendly people – authentic hospitality at its best

4. Variety of Beaches – all colours, all styles

5. Countless waves – for surfing, body-surfing and kite surfing

6. Stunning Tours – waterfalls, rice terraces, coffee plantations, volcanos, lakes, cliffs

7. Nightlife & Party – best DJs, amazing Clubs and venues to party

8. Culture – fascinating, unique Hindu culture with colorful ceremonies and magnificent temples

9. Art – gifted artists produce beautiful artwork in paint, stone, wood, silver and whatever can be shaped

10. An endless list of amazing restaurants, cafes & bars

11. “wellness capital of the world” – hundreds of spas and wellness temples at great prices

12. Yoga, Meditation, Fitness – Paradise for aligning Body, Mind and Soul

13. The coolest Beach Clubs, hang out and chill or party day and night

14. World Class Diving – great sites in the north, and Penida Islands

15. So many Activities – Rafting, Quad, Hiking, Cycling, Animal Parks, water sports, day trips…

16. OMG – handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, furniture, deco – great prices

17. Kids and Family Friendly – a thousands things to enjoy together

18. Low crime rates, medical infrastructure well established

19. Retreats, Workshops, Seminars – come to Bali and learn, grow, expand, heal

20. Tolerance – Balinese people are extremely tolerant and friendly

21. Incredible value for money wherever you go, whatever you do

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