Covid-19 Update: Jokowi Received the First Sinovac Jab, Five Regions in Bali are Marked as Red Zones, and Hundreds of Violations were Recorded within the First Week of Social Restriction (PPKM)

14 January 2021

Jokowi and Wayan Koster Received the Sinovac Jabs

Indonesia leader, Joko Widodo had taken the first jab of Sinovac vaccine yesterday (13/1). The president followed the four standard procedures set by the Minister of Health. First – body temperature and blood tension test. Second – the injection, followed by a short briefing from the vaccination officer. The last one is the monitoring session which lasted for about 30 minutes, to see if there is any specific reaction due to the vaccination. The whole process was about 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, received the vaccine in Bali Mandara Hospital earlier today around 9:30 am. At least 14 Bali officials are scheduled to receive Covid-19 immunisation today. Medical workers in Bali are in lines to receive the injection for January – February 2021; legitimate receiver will be contacted through their cellphone for information when and where they have to come for vaccination.  

Five Regions in Bali are Marked as Red Zones

Bali is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases. Bali’s latest Covid-19 statistic per Wednesday (13/1), 268 new infections in Bali, making total cases on 20.255. Recent recoveries at 121, in total 17.727 with six recent death was reported, in total 579.

Denpasar, Badung, Jembrana, Tabanan, and Gianyar are now categorised as red zones, while Buleleng is on orange zone. The most cases were reported in Denpasar with 91 new cases, followed by Badung with 70 new cases and Jembrana with 35 cases.

In his weekly evaluation report, Spokesperson for Indonesia Covid-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, again reminded the public to obey the health protocols in order to prevent more transmission of the virus. Always wear a mask in public places, keep a safe social distance and wash hands with soap regularly.

Because, by preventing transmission, we can reduce the increase in Covid-19 cases. With the decrease in the number of new cases, the hospital’s bed occupancy rate can be anticipated.

Bali Officers Regularly Monitor the Implementation of Social Restriction (PPKM) in the Island

The enforcement of Social Restrictions (PPKM) has been going on for three days. And during these few days, the officers across Bali have found hundreds of violations. In Tabanan, the local task force have penalised 508 offenders. Mostly for not wearing a mask in public area. 

In Kintamani – Bangli, 12 people were punished for not wearing a mask while shopping in the traditional market. While in East Bali, there were only a few violations were found. A modern shop, near Goa Lawah, still opened after 21:00 was forced to close immediately. Several people were disbanded and forced to go home directly after attending a temple during Shivaratri day.

Dozens of shops, restaurants, cafes and gas station in Kuta were also have been warned for not opening their business beyond the operational hours regulated by the authority. If they are caught for the same violation in the future, their business license will be revoked.

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