[UPDATED] Latest Immigration Updates 9 February 2021, Open for Business Visit Selected Countries

9 February 2021

Many foreign visitors who wanted to come back to Bali or other islands in Indonesia have waited expectantly for the last couple of days as the latest regulation regarding travel restriction has expired per yesterday, 8 February 2021. 

Indonesia has entered another phase of social restriction focusing on controlling the individual’s movement at the most basic community level so-called Micro-Scale Social Restriction from 9 to 22 February 2021. 

How will this regulation affect international travellers on visiting Indonesia? The official social media account of the central immigration office has informed a few adjustments regarding those who are now allowed to enter Bali or Indonesia during this pandemic situation:

  1. The holders of Official Visa
  2. The holders of Diplomatic Visa
  3. The holders of Visitor’s Visa
  4. The holders of Temporary Residence Visa (VITAS)
  5. The holders of Official Residence Permit
  6. The holders of Diplomatic Residence Permit
  7. The holders of Temporary Residence Permit (ITAS)
  8. The holders of Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP)
  9. Active crew members (registered)
  10. The holders of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)
  11. Border crossers (Dwellers)
  12. Residents of countries that Indonesia already has a bilateral agreement on Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA)
  13. The holders of approval letter from competent authorities

So yes, Bali – Indonesia is more likely easing the border closure as point number 12 mentions that visitors from countries with Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) will be allowed to visit Indonesia for business purposes. Indonesia is working on making things official with Malaysia to create a travel bubble between these two neighbouring countries. Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin visited President Joko Widodo to discuss this specific topic at the Merdeka Palace Jakarta, Friday (5/2). In the future, Jokowi will propose on creating more similar programs with other countries in the South-East Asia. 

Travel Requirements to Bali – Indonesia

A few adjustment also made on travel requirements to Indonesia. Every international traveller whether Indonesia Citizens or Foreign Nationals from abroad must follow the health protocols based on the National Covid-19 Task Force Circular Letter Number 6 Year 2021:

  1. Both Indonesian citizens (WNI) and foreigners (WNA) who have been granted a permission to enter Indonesia during this travel restriction, must show a negative result of Covid PCR test in the country of origin. The test must be taken within 72 hours the latest before the flight.
  2. Fill up the personal information data on e-HAC Indonesia application.
  3. Upon arrival, visitors must go through another Covid PCR test in Jakarta Airport.
  4. Visitors must undergo a self-quarantine in appointed accommodation by the authority for five days while waiting the result of PCR comes out. Quarantine must be in Jakarta, not in Bali or anywhere else in the country.
  5. For The holders of Diplomatic Residence Permit are allowed to undergo self-quarantine in their respective official residence.
  6. After five days, if the result is negative, travellers can continue their journey, with advisably self-quarantine for another 14 days. But, if it comes back positive, the traveller will be sent for medical treatments in hospitals.
  7. All cost for PCR Test, five-days quarantine accommodation and hospital expenses are address to the travellers. 
  8. The PCR Test price is about IDR 800-000 to 1.200.000; while accommodation starts from IDR 700.000/ night.
  9. Quarantine policy for the holders of Diplomatic Visa on Ministerial Levels and visitors from countries listed on Indonesia Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) Program will be implemented based on reciprocity principles agreed between two countries. 

Bali’s latest Covid-19 statistic per Monday (8/2), 260 new infections in Bali, making total cases on 28.689. Recent recoveries at 458, in total 24.999 with ten recent death was reported, in total 750. While in Indonesia, there were 8.242 new cases, pushed down the total infections to 1.166.079, with 31.763 total deaths and 963.028 recoveries.

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