Visa on Arrival (VoA) for Bali and Indonesia

Process to Get Visa on Arrival

  • No need to do anything in your home country
  • Passport must be valid at least six months (no exceptions)
  • Queue at Visa on Arrival Counter at International Airport (e.g. DPS Denpasar) in the Arrival hall (before going to immigration counters)
  • Pay USD 35 (or IDR 500,000 (AUD, EUR also accepted)
  • Go to immigration counter and show your passport with the receipt (there is a separate queue for Visa on Arrival, which is much faster!)

The Visa on Arrival for Bali Indonesia, also known as VoA, has been the primary visa, most tourists have used in the last decades to enter Indonesia. It’s valid for 30 days and can be extended ONCE. Indonesia, however, has liberalised the regulations drastically and now citizens from more than 160 countries can enter Indonesia for free (visa exemption). Conditions for this FREE entry stamp: for tourist purposes only, limited to a stay of 30 days, not extendable. 

The Visa on Arrival, however still exists and can be purchased for USD 35 or IDR 500,000 in the arrival hall(s) of international airports or harbours, after you have arrived in Indonesia.

So why would you choose voluntarily to get a Visa on Arrival and pay 35USD for a Visa that also allows you only to stay 30 days? Because the Free Visa can not be extended or changed in any form. You will need to leave before 30 days. The Visa on Arrival can be extended once while you can stay in Indonesia, without having to leave the country.


Visa on Arrival makes sense because it can be extended once for another 30 days here in Bali. We suggest you make use of the assistance of a visa agent! 

Therefore, if you want to stay longer than 30 days, (but less than 60 days!) and have not applied for a social visa abroad before coming to Bali, that would entitle you to stay up to 60 days, then you can buy the visa on arrival voluntarily. After a couple of weeks here in Bali, you should start the process of extending the Visa on Arrival, which takes around seven business days, and as we said, is best handled with a visa agent.

Citizens only from selected countries can get a Visa on arrival.

Not everyone who can easily get a 30day-Visa Exemption can get a Visa on Arrival, even if they wanted to.

List of Countries that can get a Visa on Arrival (VoA)

Remember: Visa on Arrival is VOLUNTARY and makes (only) sense if you stay between 30 and 60 days.

Algeria India Russia
Argentina Ireland Saudi Arabia
Australia Italy Slovakia
Austria Japan Slovenia
Bahrain Kuwait South Africa
Belgium Latvia South Korea
Brazil Liechtenstein Spain
Bulgaria Lithuania Suriname
Canada Luxembourg Sweden
Cyprus Maldives Switzerland
Czech Malta Taiwan
Denmark Mexico Timor Leste
Egypt Netherlands Tunisia
Emirates (UAE) New Zealand Turkey
Estonia Norway United Kingdom
Fiji Oman United States
Finland Panama
France P.R China
Germany Poland
Greece Portugal
Hungary Qatar
Iceland Romania

Your country is not on this list, and you want to stay longer than 30 days?

In this case, you would need to apply for a social / tourist visa B-211, and you would need a sponsor letter.

Visa & Permits for Indonesia and Bali

Visa on ArrivalHow to get it (30days)

Visa on Arrival ExtensionHow to extend it (30 days)

Visit Visa (Social & Business Visa B-211)How to get it (60days)

Social & Tourist Visa ExtensionHow to extend it (30days)

Sponsor Letter (e.g. for visit visa)How to get it

Multiple Entry VisaHow to get it (1year)

Multiple Business VisaHow to get it (1year)

Work Permit / KitasHow to get it (1year)

Retirement Visa (Lansia, Pensiun)How to get it

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