This island always has a cause for celebration

There will always be special events in Bali every month. From cultural parade to festivals and religious holidays, tourists are lucky as many events are now open for public. Each region across Bali and their traditional villages are encouraged to hold a creative/ cultural event promoting their unique local culture.


  1. Suwat Water Garden Festival (the last week of December until the first week of January) : Also known as the water war, it’s a similar event to the Songkran festival in Thailand, where people will attack each other by using scoops of river water. This ritual is held in Suwat village – Gianyar, and believed to be able to wash away all the bad things within the bodies of all participants.
  2. Mekotek/ Mekotekan (first week of January) : A village ceremony held in Munggu village, Mengwi where the men will dress up in their traditional costume, pray at the temple, and march the surrounding area while carrying wooden spears. At some point, all those spears will be arranged to form a pyramid structure, and some of the men will climb to the top. Back then, this ritual was performed to welcome brave warriors who have came back from the war defending the Mengwi kingdom.


  1. Balingkang Festival in Kintamani (tentative) : A fusion cultural event between the Chinese-Buddhists and Balinese-Hindu to celebrate Chinese New Year. During the event, many special penjors (decorative bamboo poles) with Chinese lantern attached to the tips would be installed along the street near Batur temple. Locals open up stalls selling handmade souvenirs.
  2. Chinese New Year Celebration (end of January – early February) : Singaraja has a high demographic of the mixed Indonesian-Chinese community in Bali, and people gather in Ling Gwan Kiong temple to celebrate Chinese New Year or Imlek every year. There will be lion dances and other cultural performances during the festival.
  3. The anniversary of Denpasar City (27 February) : Every corner of this special region will be decorated with colorful lamps as cultural concerts, local competitions, and huge parades will be scheduled. Usually, the celebrations will take place at Puputan Square or Renon Square.
  4. Berawa Beach Festival (last week of February) : There will be live performances, art display and food bazaar. An open-air stage usually will be built next to Finns Beach Club. This event is free of charge, and the public is welcome to see the shows while enjoying the beach.


  1. The Anniversary of Singaraja City (30 March) : The second biggest city on the island, Singaraja’s anniversary can be as lively as Denpasar’s. There will be many exciting events scheduled for the whole week from a cultural festival, art competitions, bazaar and more. People from anywhere on the island are welcome to join.
  2. Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud (tentative) : One of the world’s most inspiring yoga festivals with events usually held for a week-long schedule of packed and exciting activities, interactive workshops, a lively community market & healing centre, a children’s activity zone, yoga classes and many more.


  1. Gianyar Festival (10-19 April) : Gianyar has always been a unique region in Bali known as the centre of culture. During the anniversary there will be many events held such as art exhibition, competitions and parades.
  2. Ubud Food Festival (last week of April) : This is a famous culinary event in the country, even in South East Asia, for all the foodies around. During the three days at this festival, there will be many restaurants or food producers from all over Indonesia, mainly Bali, that will promote their best selling meals and dishes to all those enthusiastic about food. There will also be live performances, a cooking demonstration, as well as a meet and greet with top chefs and food experts from around the world.
  3. Semarapura Festival (28 April) : A local event to celebrate the anniversary of Semarapura, the capital city of Klungkung region. During the event, residents will also pay tribute to warriors who died on Klungkung Puputan War on 1908. There will be many competitions, art exhibition, bazaar, traditional dance parade and more.
  4. Tulamben Festival (tentative) : A coastal village festival to celebrate the local fishermen Tukad Abu Beach in Karangasem. There will be a fishing competition, jukung race (traditional boat) and also a coral reef planting activity together in the Tulamben area.


  1. Festival Bahari Badung (a full month event) : A massive celebration to promote the Badung regency as the center of tourism in Bali. Every year this event will be held in different places along the south Bali coast. There will be a cultural parade, boat race competition, and other coastal-themed activities.
  2. Bali Blues Festival (tentative) : An annual musical event held in Nusa Dua where many musicians from Indonesia and around the world will join in this event. Every year the host will announce a different theme of the show, and it’s always a fun time.
  3. Buleleng Art Festival (tentative) : An annual festival in the Buleleng region to promote, conserve, and introduce the local culture to attract more tourists. There will be traditional art performances, a local band competition, and a culinary bazaar.


  1. Bali Art Festival – Pesta Kesenian Bali (Mid of June – Mid of July) : The biggest annual event in Bali, the peak of cultural celebration on the island and lasts for a whole month. Every region around Bali will send their best candidates to join in the costume parade, traditional gamelan orchestra, and many other competitions. The Indonesian president will usually attend the opening party in Denpasar as thousands of people will attend; daily performances will be scheduled at the Bali Art Centre.
  2. Tenganan Pandan War/ Mekare-kare (end of June) : A traditional combat event inspired by the heritage of the Bali Aga people. During this event held at the Tenganan Village, witness local adult males strike each other using prickly sharp pandan leaves and a rattan shield. This ritual is held as a tribute to the ‘God of War’ Dewa Indra.


  1. Twin lake Festival (Early June) : A special event in Buleleng to promote the beautiful lakes, Buyan and Tamblingan, in hopes of creating awareness of being in harmony and keeping nature clean. Food bazaar, competitions and some performances are scheduled during the festival.
  2. Bali Kite Festival (mid of July) : An annual kite festival held in Denpasar or Sanur followed by many groups of teenagers from many banjars (district communities) from all over Bali. This event is a thanksgiving ritual sent to God for abundant crops have been given throughout the year.
  3. Bali International Choir Festival (end of July) : One of the most significant musical events on the island followed by many participants from around the world, countries such as Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand.
  4. Tulamben Festival (end of July) : A scuba diving annual event to promote Tulamben as one of the best dive spots in the world. There will be some fun aquatic competitions during the festivals followed by diving enthusiasts from Indonesia and other countries.
  5. Makepung Festival (mid of July) : An annual cultural event of buffalo racing, held in the Jembrana regency to celebrate the abundant harvest of the local farmers. People from all over the island and photographers join to watch the unique festival as both the buffalos and riders are both dressed up in colorful, traditional attire.
  6. Ubud Village Jazz Festival (tentative) : An international musical event with many local and international artists celebrate the jazz genre by performing their legendary hits in an intimate setting.


  1. Badung Agriculture Festival (tentative) : An annual event that takes place in Plaga Petang, famous for its excellent agriculture products including Bali wine. This event aims to increase the interest of locals to continue evolving in the agriculture sector. There will be a cultural parade, exhibition, bazaar and cooking demo during the festival.
  2. Sanur Village Festival (End of August) : An annual event held in Sanur to promote the potentials and local culture. There will be traditional boat (jukung) race, musical performances, and bazaar.
  3. Tirta Gangga Festival : A cultural event held in the legendary place Tirta Gangga Water Palace – Karangasem. During the festival, a temporary stage will be built in the area, as the locals will perform poetry, dances, theatre and play gamelan.


  1. Taman Ujung Festival (Mid of September) : A local event held in the beautiful Balinese landmark in East Bali Taman Ujung Sukasada. This place has been one of the most visited landmarks by the tourist because of its impressive architecture. During the festival, there will be beautiful cultural performances by Karangasem artists.
  2. Lovina Festival (End of September) : A cultural event in North Bali held to promote tourism potential in the Lovina region and will have competitions, a bazaar, and bull racing at Kaliasem village.
  3. Balinale – Bali International Film Festival (tentative) : An annual event to celebrate and award the works of local filmmakers. There will be workshops, seminars, and free open-air cinema that celebrate Indonesia in film towards global audiences.


  1. Nusa Penida Festival (Early of October) : An event of traditional dance performances, dive competitions, and many other exciting activities. This event is held to promote all the natural potential that Nusa Penida has.
  2. Perang Tipat Bantal (September – October) : An annual event in Kapal village – Mengwi. This event is a tradition from the 13th century as a symbol of gratitude given by the local farmers to God for their abundant harvest. At the day of the festival, the first activity is praying together in the village temple. Afterwards, the male members of the village will be divided into groups where later on they will begin to cast rice cakes at another group.
  3. Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (tentative) : Held annually in Ubud, the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival has become Southeast Asia’s largest and most renowned cultural and literary event. Writers, readers and journalists from many countries are welcome to join.
  4. Uluwatu Festival (End of October) : An annual festival held within the different places around the Uluwatu area. There will be many musical performances, cultural show and DJ show. Some sport competitions also held, like surfing, fishing and sand sculpture.
  5. Nusa Dua Festival (End of October) : A national art event followed by many participants from all of the islands in Indonesia. There will be a music show, as well as art performances and an exhibition.


  1. Legian Beach Festival (mid of November) : An annual event held in the Legian beach area with cultural exhibitions displaying the best art and handicrafts products created by local artists. Fashion items, home decors, sculptures, paintings and other exclusive pieces will be displayed along with some performances.
  2. Sidemen Festival (tentative) : A special event to promote the beautiful traditional woven textile and songket fabric. These particular materials are known to be a typical product to come out of Sidemen – Karangasem.


  1. Pemuteran Bay Festival (Mid of December) : A nautical celebration to promote the beauty of dive spots and marine life in the north coast of Bali. The event usually will be opened with a festive cultural fanfare.
  2. Denpasar Festival (End of December) : A regular end-of-year celebration held in Denpasar city with many exciting events like local produces exhibitions, culinary delights, cultural parade, competitions, music concerts, traditional music and dances performances.
  3. Pandawa Beach Festival (25 December – 1 January) : One of the biggest beach events in Bali held in Pandawa beach typically for a week. There will be a cultural parade, performances and local food bazaar.
  4. Panglipuran Village Festival (End of December) : An annual event held by the local government to promote the charming ancient village in Bangli. Panglipuran has been awarded as the cleanest traditional village and one of the protected customary areas by UNESCO. During the event, there will be a traditional fashion show, culinary bazaars, and competitions.
  5. Nusa Dua Light Festival (tentative) : An annual event that is Bali’s brightest held in ITDC – Nusa Dua. There will be a different theme picked each year with many beautiful installation of colorful lamps that are displayed. Daily performances and food bazaar also can be enjoyed during the festival.