Multiple Business Visa for Bali, Indonesia – 1 year

IMPORTANT NOTiCE: Due to the Pandemic many Visa regulations have been adjusted or have been put on hold. 

Check for Visa Regulation Updates

How to get a Multiple Entry Visa

  • get et in touch with local visa agent of your choice
  • Scanned passport (first two pages)
  • Copy of bank statement of your private bank account (not older than 90 days, and must show at least 2000USD)
  • Information on where you wish to collect the visa
  • Pay the Immigration fee and agent fee
  • The local agent will also act as the sponsor which is necessary to get the approval from Jakarta immigration to process the visa
  • The agent will then process the application for you, which takes up to 14 business days here in Bali.
  • You will receive from the agent a confirmation document per email /called TELEX). This document is needed to collect the visa abroad.
  • Passport must be valid at least 18 months (no exceptions)
  • In the consulate or embassy abroad, you meet another agent (recommended by your agent) who will handle the process to hand in your passport and some more documents and pictures, which they will assist you with. Takes only one day
  • Then it can take up to 5 days, to get the passport with the Visa sticker back. Most applicants want to return to Bali asap, so they ask for an express service within one day (extra costs)

Multiple Business Visa B-212 for Bali / Indonesia

This visa, like the multiple entry visa, is valid for one year and allows you to stay 60days in Indonesia for each visit, as often as you wish (or can) come to Indonesia. It’s a two-step process.

1.) to get the approval from Jakarta to proceed the visa (better get assistance from a local agent)

2.) processing the visa application at an embassy abroad. If you are using the assistance of an agent, the process and costs are the same as the multiple entry visa.

The core idea behind this visa is to come to Indonesia to do business, which should not be misunderstood as being employed or conducting business that is paid for or compensated within Indonesia. 

Business people who use this visa come for negotiations, networking, sourcing, meetings, and to attend business gatherings. All these activities are business-related but not paid or compensated for in Indonesia.

Many travellers who wish to get this type of visa, must come first to Bali, and then start the process for this visa with the assistance of an agent, who can also act as the sponsor. Still, this visa is also needed to be collected in an embassy or consulate outside of Indonesia. Which means, that a “visa trip” to usually Singapore or Kuala Lumpur needs to happen to obtain the visa, and then re-enter Indonesia (Singapore is a good option).

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Offshore means: You apply while you are outside of Indonesia. Onshore means: you apply while you are already IN Indonesia

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