World Tourism Network (WTN) Facilitates Scholarship Collaboration Between Evergreen College and Tourism Universities in Bali

Bali – Indonesia

The participation of the Professional Hospitality Association of the Archipelago (PHONUS) in the World Tourism Network (WTN) has bolstered a partnership between EVERGREEN College in Canada and PATA Indonesia, in collaboration with several tourism Universities in Bali. This partnership aims to create scholarship programs facilitated by PATA Indonesia.

I Nyoman Theo Mahendra, representative of PHONUS in Denpasar stated on Wednesday (4/10/2023), “In essence, this collaboration is geared towards developing and enhancing the capabilities of the younger generation. It offers them the opportunity to study and work in Canada through scholarship programs, providing overseas exposure and educational opportunities for Bali’s youth.”

The primary objective of this cooperation is to cultivate and elevate the quality of human resources among the younger generation, making them competitive in the real world. It also aims to foster collaboration between universities and enhance the competitiveness of hospitality programs within the field of tourism.

The Professional Hospitality Association of the Archipelago (PHONUS) is a professional community in the hotel industry throughout Indonesia. This association fosters networks among professionals, both retired and active, in the hotel industry. This professional network brings together their experiences, ideas, and expertise to deliver the best methods for developing skilled human resources, offering top-notch services, and creating the best hotel management teams in all service industries, particularly in the field of tourism. The association assists in educating, training, supporting, and connecting its members, as well as non-members, as they work toward a more sustainable tourism concept, both locally and nationally.

Mudi Astuti, Chair of WTN Indonesia, commented, “As WTN Indonesia Chapter collaborates with PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Indonesia Chapter, which has already established partnerships with several tourism schools in Indonesia, WTN Indonesia facilitates the Hospitality Management Operations scholarship program to various PATA Indonesia Chapter Partner universities and PHONUS Partner Institutions, which are part of the Bali Tourism Board (BTB) in Bali. The aim of the three tourism organizations facilitating this is to ensure the smooth operation of the program, including visa arrangements, the recruitment process, student protection during the study program, and more.”

In light of this, the three tourism organizations are currently conducting a series of awareness campaigns and visits to various universities in Bali, including Triatma Mulya University, Bali International Polytechnic, SPB & IBI Vocational School, Dyana Pura University, ELIZABETH Vocational School, and the Bali Tourism Polytechnic, from October 1 to 5, 2023.

Ningsih Chandra of PATA Indonesia said, “As WTN’s educational partner, PATA Indonesia Chapter collaborates with 20 universities (1 in Australia and 19 in several cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Yogyakarta).”

The scholarship program offered by Evergreen College in Toronto aims to support knowledge enhancement and provide opportunities for overseas work experience, allowing young individuals to enhance their competitiveness for careers in the tourism industry. It also aims to elevate the quality of graduates from partner universities, ensuring their readiness and added value to Indonesia’s tourism industry.


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